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Nikon D200

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Many of the photographs you will find on this website were taken with the Nikon D200 DSLR.

It was my first camera upgrade. Pixel count went up from 6MP with the Nikon D70 to 10.2MP with the D200. It also allowed me to use a remote shutter release for the first time and to easily set mirror lock prior to taking a photograph. Both of these factors help in allowing me to take as sharp an image as I can possibly get with no camera movements or vibrations.

The camera was used in all sorts of weather conditions and its rugged magnesium body with environmental sealing around all controls meant it was NEVER a problem.

Later on I invested in a battery grip (as shown above) and this added more staying power to the camera in freezing conditions and meant I had a separate dedicated shutter release button for portrait format images.

The internal flash was used occasionally and most ok for family images etc but you would need to invest in a separate flash unit for more intense use in my opinion.

The larger LCD screen was a real benefit over the small screen on the D70. It allowed me to see more of the image detail on location and give me a better idea about the shot.

The D200 camera was aimed at the semi-professional market and I was impressed with the build, the control layouts and the detailed images it produced.

I always take great care with my technique and this camera rewards your efforts. I was sad to see it go.......

My D200 has now been sold and replaced with my D3 full frame Camera.

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