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Glass Art

In a recent blog (Glassworks and Twitter, 9th July) I mentioned Deborah Moses, a fantastic artist who works almost exclusively with glass. Deborah has become synonymous in fused glass circles for high quality, hand crafted, fused glass sculptures, with her work being recognised and admired both nationally and internationally.

Deborah is keen to share her skills and knowledge and regularly teaches classes in a studio at her farm in Cheshire. Ever in demand, students travel to learn from Deborah from all over the UK and as far as France, Ireland, South Africa and New Zealand.

As mentioned in the previous blog, Deborah was commissioned to create a piece of work based on one of my landscape photographs, ‘Caernarfon Castle at Dusk’. At the outset the client chose the photograph. Once chosen, I e-mailed Deborah with a JPEG file of the photograph as a reference guide.

From there Deborah carefully sketched out the photographic image onto paper to the size requirements of the final artwork. This final piece was to measure around 900mm across!

Then the time consuming and skilled job started, Deborah producing several layers of glass each adding to the colour and detail of the piece, each kiln fired for nearly 30hrs! Here Deborah’s expertise in recognising how the materials would react once fired allowed her to closely match her ideas and colours to mimic the photograph. For the highlights Deborah actually used gold leaf. Deborah’s website showcases her work and can explain more fully the techniques and materials she uses so effectively. See Deborah's website for an explanation of that address name!

In the middle of July I went to see the 'panel' when it was around 80% complete with just final details and the final firing to go. The last firing adds to the richness of the colours. Here is a picture taken by Deborah of the work in progress next to her print out of my photograph.

It was fantastic to see one of my photographs in a totally different medium. In my last blog I said I hoped to get an image of the final artwork hanging on the wall. Well I managed to get a great full image photograph of it in position, see above....

You really need to see it to get a handle on the depth and scale of the panel. I think Deborah has managed to convey the feeling of depth I was aiming for in the original photograph. I used the various ropes in the foreground, together with the relative positions of the boats to lead the viewer into the image. I think Deborah has captured this in her very own interpretation. To do this in glass, all hand made and kiln fired is a wonderful skill to have, no wonder her work is so popular. This is my photograph, but not as I know it!

Caernarfon Castle at Dusk

Well done Deborah on a wonderful piece of art – I KNOW how pleased your client is with this!

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