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Rain, rain go away!

The weather is putting a dampener on everything, including my landscape photography. I am using the time to update my website and start my blog in earnest. The website has needed to be updated for a while now and now the weather has given me no excuses!

It’s amazing just how much time it taken up with the administration side. Partly it’s my own fault for attaching little stories or mini blogs to many of my landscape images in the Gallery area. I think its nice to have a little background to an image, or a little understanding of the circumstances an image was taken in.

Over the last few days our broadband connection has been mis-firing meaning that the website work has been too. Unfortunately that means when the internet is up and running I have to make the most of it and that means putting the hours in on the computer. Still our fibre optics should be sorted a week on Thursday so we should have normal service restored. Now, if only I could do something about the weather…..

Stiperstones Dawn
Heart of England Landscape Photography....