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Its so easy
In the current world we live in it has never been easier to capture an image. We have DSLR's, compact camera's, camera phones, throw away cameras...even the new ipad has a built in camera, not to mention all of our video/filming capabilities!

Missed it..too late...
In the past if we spotted an amazing sight, whether by luck or good judgement if you didn't have your camera, the film wasn't rolled on ready, the film speed was incorrect...we missed it. Telling somebody about it later was not the need to SHOW people so you can share the experience and keep it.

Now we find ourselves under an avalanche of images thrown at as from all directions...the internet, twitter, facebook....if we want to see almost anything we just look it up on the computer. Images are so much more accessible.

For the Landscape Photographer this in general is a good thing. Its great for getting your images to clients, friends and family for example. All the fabulous places are photographed to death so this means trying to come up with novel compositions and making your image stand out from the crowd.

As a Landscape Photographer I am always aware of the skies and prevailing weather conditions. On the 29th November 2011 around 3:45pm I became aware of glow outside whilst in the house. We were in the aftermath of a storm and outside it was fairly dark and broody.

I peered out of the window to see the start of a rainbow. I shot upstairs to our back bedroom window and was amazed as the intensity of the light increased. It was something else. There was no time to get a fancy DSLR out so I took some images on my Samsung S2 phone. If only I had these conditions more often when I am out on location!

This is a good example of how we have so many options these days that we always have a good chance of capturing these wonderful spectacles and sharing them.......

Stiperstones Dawn
Heart of England Landscape Photography....